Infant Photography | Savanna

DSC_0617WATEMARKThis little angel was so precious to work with for some adorable infant photography. Honestly, I was a bit nervous because due to sickness, weather, and all other changes, I hadn’t had my chance to really get to know this little girl before the shoot and it seemed like I was always away or too sick to see her at church! Mark and I have been so blessed by the friendship of her parents, Tara and Loren, that it was such an honor to take her newborn portraits. She is such a sweet thing! (more…)

Family Photography | The Vander Werffs

untitled (1 of 1)-3Such a beautiful group for some family photography and boy, was it exciting! With three young children, there were plenty of “oopsie” photos, but it made for great bloopers and some good laughs. I currently attend church with the family and have been blessed by their kindness. Having been adopted myself, this photoshoot was especially a favorite of mine because some of the pictures will be a part of their adoption profile book! May the Lord bless your beautiful family, Justin and Miranda, with a beautiful little one again soon! ♥ (more…)

Senior Photography | Allison Kraayenbrink

DSC_0507Meet Allison, today’s model for some awesome senior photography! Graduate of Dordt College in 2012, she went on to become a school teacher. I’ve know Allison for a couple years and instantly, you know she’s all about having fun and enjoying life. This photo shoot is particularly special to me because it was the first set of portraits that I ever took. Thanks for letting me shoot you, Allison! And may the Lord continue to use you as a wonderful influence to your “kids”. 🙂 (more…)

A Glimpse of the Past

Before starting my business, I spent (and am still spending) much time working with just about anything or anyone I could find to more define my talent and love for photography as best I could. Here are some of my favorite photos as a glimpse of my past work with children.





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