Newborn Photography | Christina

UntitledSarah and I have been best friends since the time I was seven and we’ve been in each other’s weddings. It only seems natural that I would be able to take photos in this new chapter in her life – of her sweet little darling, doesn’t it? So happy to have been able to spend time with this cutie and look forward to watching her grow through the years. Such a sweet and happy little girl! ♥  (more…)

Senior Photography | Lauren Opp

slider 1My sister-in-law is graduating from college in the spring! So hard to believe that she is a senior already. Beautiful inside and out, she is one of the sweetest people I have EVER met in my life and I am so, so, so proud to call her my sister. Here’s some beautiful senior photography with this lovely lady, Lauren! Love you, girl. ♥ (more…)

Engagement Photography | Julia & Oliver

Engagement Photography | Julia & Oliver

ft LOVEI’ve known Julia for a couple years now and was so excited I got do her engagement photography with her fiance`, Oliver. Even though it was only 18 degrees outside…these two are one of those happy-go-lucky, bubbly and fun couples that makes everything fun and this shoot was definitely full of laughs. I’m so happy for you two and may the Lord bless you with many wonderful years of marriage! (more…)

Sports Photography | Redding, CA Lacrosse

1522557_697328716977894_1833468856_oMy brother used to play lacrosse for the city of Redding and I loved going to his games for some great sports photography. Even better – I got to take away some incredible photos from some of them. I will be adding more photos over time, but here is a sample of my brother, Marcus, in action! (more…)

Infant Photography | Savanna

DSC_0617WATEMARKThis little angel was so precious to work with for some adorable infant photography. Honestly, I was a bit nervous because due to sickness, weather, and all other changes, I hadn’t had my chance to really get to know this little girl before the shoot and it seemed like I was always away or too sick to see her at church! Mark and I have been so blessed by the friendship of her parents, Tara and Loren, that it was such an honor to take her newborn portraits. She is such a sweet thing! (more…)

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